Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In my day dreams I'm a svelte, light, velvety runner.

In real life I'm thick, heavy, sweaty and ... and .... Hippo like. Yes. Like a hippo. A baby hippo.

I've had this secret dream for ages. Since I started running. Not a goal just a wistful dream. Never a goal because honestly I thought it was reserved for svelte, light, velvety runners. Natural runners. Not baby hippos like me.

But last night after Nicky and I finished out 5k run... I checked my watch. Only out of curiosity. Because it had been an easy, fun run and we had talked THE WHOLE WAY! 28 minutes. 28 minutes. Baby hippos can't do that.

And that has been my secret dream. To just bust out 5ks under 30 minutes without much effort at all.

The shower last night and clean sheets was delicious. My skin tingled.