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I need your help.

I heard from three women today who have been reading this blog... and they are nearly convinced to tie up their hair, put their running shoes on and run.

I need your help! Tell them how great it is.  Tell them what it feels like when that magic moment happens.  You know ... after the first 10 minutes of running.  When your lungs relax and open up and suck in and push out the fresh, fresh air.  When your heart pounds strongly and rhythmically.  And when your legs find their stride and carry you along the road and the hot shower afterwards and the deep sleep and the feeling of pride, peace and total satisfaction.

Can you tell them how great it is?

Post a comment below.  I want LOTS of them.  Let's get them running.

Thank you.  Thank you heaps.

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Best Run Ever

Best run ever.
And by "run" I mean "sitting on my bum hashing life out with my best friend in the whole world who if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be running and I can't believe she can't because she's busted her archilles".  That's what I mean by run.  We didn't.  But we did.

Read this if you're about to give up...

If you are struggling to stay on track know this... You are so close. So close to success. So close. You just can't see it. That's why it feels so far away.
If I told you that I could see it and it looks amazing and it was just around that corner you would keep going. You wouldn't stop.

I know you can't see it ... But it's so close. Don't give up now.

It really is just around the corner.

I hate my body.

Urgh. I hate my body.  I went to yoga tonight.  Twisting and turning my flabby and floppy and wobbly bits.  I hate my body. 
I love my body.
And just like that... In the middle of camel pose... Everything changed. I love my body. And I'm gonna start treating it with the respect it deserves. 
I love my body. 
For the very first time in my life ... I love my body. I've hated my body for so long now. I've been treating it like it's a useless failure that lets me down and embarrasses me constantly. 
My body ... I'm so sorry. 
Tomorrow I'll stand tall. I'll make no excuses. I'll be grateful. 
I. Love. My. Body.