Tuesday, 24 July 2012

For you.

For you, if you almost put your shoes on the other day but didn't.

For you, if you want desperately to be a runner but you're still bruised from how your PE teacher made you feel.

For you, if you think you need to lose weight before you run.

For you, if you're worried what people will think.

This was written by someone I have never met, but someone who reads this blog.

This is for you....

To those ladies hesitating - DO it! Plan if you need to - I took about 3 weeks from deciding until starting, reading everything I could find (hey, I do research for a living & need to get my head around something before I can get my body to follow, don't judge me...) & organising stuff - but do it anyway, I promise you'll feel amazing. Kath's totally right about the 'magic moment' when everything just *works* and you, a person who never in a million years thought they could run, suddenly ARE.

Like Kath when she started, I'd NEVER run, not even for a bus if I could help it, but now I'm loving it - my mood is better on the days I run, I'm losing weight and I feel a real sense of achievement and pride in myself for doing something so far outside of my comfort zone. This is actually the biggest benefit for me - less than a month before I decided to start running I had a conversation where I said someone "I'll never be a runner - I've got asthma, big boobs & flat feet!", now I'm up before dawn (OK, so that's not much of a stretch at this time of year) to go running before work. (Did I mention I'm not a morning person either, so this is quite a big deal :D)

Use the power of anticipation – believe Kath (& everyone else) when she tells you how great a feeling it is to run & be a runner – don’t you want to feel just some of that greatness for yourself? Tell yourself that you're *really* looking forward to running & how fantastic you're going to feel – fake it ‘til you make it if you have to! Look forward to those ‘magic moments’, to being out of breath, red in the face and grinning like an idiot anyway because you’re having so much fun, look forward to the hot shower afterward, to the pleasant ache in your muscles and to knowing that you've done something incredible today. Think of running as something you *want* to do, not a chore, and you’re half-way there. The hardest step is the first one, so start, please - decide you want to feel great & start.

Wow, sorry, that turned into an essay, but if anyone’s still reading after all that waffle – DO IT! START RUNNING! You won’t regret it :)