Tuesday, 10 July 2012

At 3pm I thought ...

Might start my new book.  Kids are happy.  We've had an awesome day today.  They came to the radio station while a did a bit of work.  They only came in a couple of times when the red On-Air light was on.  Then we met up with Grandma for lunch.  After that we went to the Dowse Museum where they got to make clay creatures.  Now they're chillin' in front of Fraggle Rock.

Yep.  Might start my new book.

Just gotta get the washing in.  Then fold it.  Then make dinner for tomorrow night because that chicken needs to be cooked today. And I promised Jesse I'd fix hotdog's ear, so I'll do that.  And I really have to sort out their wardrobe.  It's the one thing I said I'd do today.  So I'll do that.  I HAVE to call the bank too and set up that automatic payment for the power.  Oh! And I have to bank those two cheques.  Who writes cheques???

It's 5pm now.  I didn't start my new book.

But I'll run tonight with Nicky.  Then after the shower and the dishes and the house blitz I'll crawl in to bed and start my new book.