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Thank you so much to ClaraBelle who posted a comment on this blog a few days ago.

She talked about looking forward to a run, rather than dreading it, or seeing it as a chore ... like we do with cleaning the bathroom or doing your gst return!

We've heard it all before right?  "Choose your attitude" or "Thoughts Become Things" etc etc

I think we've been so bombarded with those "Think big to create health and wealth" ideals that we've become immune to them.  Disinterested.  Leave that to the happy, clappy over the top, want it all Americans.

We don't want it all.  We just want a good run.  So try it.  Say to yourself ... "I'm looking forward to my run today".  Then say it again.  Then again a few more times.  I'm going to do it.  "I'm really looking forward to my run today".

What have we got to lose?  The feeling of "can't be arsed so might bail on myself"? Yep.  Let's lose that.
It had been 8 days. 8 long days.

But last night I ran. With Nicky. Along the Petone Esplanade and out along the wharf.

Just a little run. 4 ks. Only the faintest ache from my knee.

I can't tell you how much I had missed running.

When I run... All feels right in the world.

For you.

For you, if you almost put your shoes on the other day but didn't.

For you, if you want desperately to be a runner but you're still bruised from how your PE teacher made you feel.

For you, if you think you need to lose weight before you run.

For you, if you're worried what people will think.

This was written by someone I have never met, but someone who reads this blog.

This is for you....

To those ladies hesitating - DO it! Plan if you need to - I took about 3 weeks from deciding until starting, reading everything I could find (hey, I do research for a living & need to get my head around something before I can get my body to follow, don't judge me...) & organising stuff - but do it anyway, I promise you'll feel amazing. Kath's totally right about the 'magic moment' when everything just *works* and you, a person who never in a million years thought they could run, suddenly ARE.

Like Kath when she started, I'd NEVER run, not even for a bus if …

I need your help.

I heard from three women today who have been reading this blog... and they are nearly convinced to tie up their hair, put their running shoes on and run.

I need your help! Tell them how great it is.  Tell them what it feels like when that magic moment happens.  You know ... after the first 10 minutes of running.  When your lungs relax and open up and suck in and push out the fresh, fresh air.  When your heart pounds strongly and rhythmically.  And when your legs find their stride and carry you along the road and the hot shower afterwards and the deep sleep and the feeling of pride, peace and total satisfaction.

Can you tell them how great it is?

Post a comment below.  I want LOTS of them.  Let's get them running.

Thank you.  Thank you heaps.

Ever feel like there are two of you?

And they argue...

Run. Don't run.
Keep running. Walk.
Have an apple. Have a pie.

I love this Nike Ad... Watch it. Know that you're not the only one battling yourself.

Watch it and silence the other you.

I have a sore knee...

I  didn't run on Tuesday.  I didn't run on Thursday.  I'm hoping to run tomorrow.  PLEASE let me run tomorrow.  
I miss my running shoes.  I miss my talks with Nicky.  I miss the honest feeling of being physically spent.  And it's only been 5 days.  
I can't imagine a life without running.  

When you've got nothing left in the tank ... let music carry you home.

Look what I found...

Jog Fm

Rock My Run

Run today.  Put your shoes on.  Crank up your most favourite songs.  The songs that make your heart soar and your legs run fast. 

And claim your right to the road.
Your greatest strength will most probably be your greatest weakness.

I have this irrepressible drive to provide happiness for those around me. I have this warped idea that I alone can provide that deep happiness that they are searching for.

Some would say it's a strength. Because I've managed to do all right in life without the paper work.

But I know it's my weakness. It distracts me from my own happiness and gets me wound up in knots. Because of course... I am not anyone's source of true happiness.

Who do I think I am?

No running this week!!! I have a dodgy knee from lunges at the gym!!!

How will I cope without my beloved road.

Don't wait to lose weight to run.

Run to lose weight.

My friend Amanda said to me the other day... "I really should join your running group. But I just want to lose a bit of weight before I start."

Nah. That's not gonna work.

Run. Run now. Don't wait to lose weight to run.

Run to lose weight. You will. And quickly.

On the right of this page, scroll down a bit and you'll find the How To Start page.
If the rain is stopping you from running today... Please go.

Run in the rain.

It is truly magic. It really is.

Nicky and I ran 8ks in the glorious rain yesterday.

Run in the rain.
You feel lighter and you run faster.
And you get to say... I ran in the rain.
And you get to experience the shower and a feed after running in the rain.

Is it raining? Run!!!!

Why not you?

As soon as you put your shoes on and get on that road, you, yes you are a runner.

"If you have a body, you are an athlete"
Bill Bowerman

Why not you? She's running. So why not you?
Panic. I've had it twice now. 3 minutes into the 10 k run a few weeks ago and again this morning ... 3 minutes into the 5k ParkRun.

When I first felt it I recognised it from way back. From when I was at school. I used to get it when we all took off for the cross-country. I would get it at the beginning of an exam that I hadn't been to class for let alone studied for.
It was overwhelming when I plunged into the water at swimming sports.

I was feeling truth. The dreaded truth. I was the chubby kid who simply could not run that cross country. I knew it and it filled me with panic. The dreaded truth of looking down at questions that I knew I had no understanding of and my suspicions of being thick would be confirmed publicly. It filled me with panic. The dreaded truth of knowing that I would be the absolute last swimmer in the race and that everyone would have to wait for me to drag myself out of the pool with all eyes on my chubby, stubby, useless, teenage body in ugly togs. …
You can go for a run ... or not.

The day will still unfold with you in it.

If you go though, when the day has completely unfolded, there you'll be, the woman that ran today.
I love my running watch.

It was a gift from my friend who knows how incredibly competitive I am.

I really am competitive. I love being awesome at scrabble. I love discovering the next big thing...first.

But what I didn't know was just how competitive I am with myself.

Until I put that watch on and ran with it for the first time.

I won't ever go back. If I run a certain distance in a certain time I will do everything I can with everything I have to either match it or better it.

Like the other night when Nicky and I ran THAT hill. We were both finding the run tough right from the start. She said at one point..."let's just get to the first corner". I nodded. But there was no way I was ever going to stop at the first corner. I have run that hill. I will run it again. So when I kept running after the first corner, Nicky said "Girl you are dogged determined".

That would have to be the best compliment anyone has ever, ever given me. When she said it I i…
In my day dreams I'm a svelte, light, velvety runner.

In real life I'm thick, heavy, sweaty and ... and .... Hippo like. Yes. Like a hippo. A baby hippo.

I've had this secret dream for ages. Since I started running. Not a goal just a wistful dream. Never a goal because honestly I thought it was reserved for svelte, light, velvety runners. Natural runners. Not baby hippos like me.

But last night after Nicky and I finished out 5k run... I checked my watch. Only out of curiosity. Because it had been an easy, fun run and we had talked THE WHOLE WAY! 28 minutes. 28 minutes. Baby hippos can't do that.

And that has been my secret dream. To just bust out 5ks under 30 minutes without much effort at all.

The shower last night and clean sheets was delicious. My skin tingled.

At 3pm I thought ...

Might start my new book.  Kids are happy.  We've had an awesome day today.  They came to the radio station while a did a bit of work.  They only came in a couple of times when the red On-Air light was on.  Then we met up with Grandma for lunch.  After that we went to the Dowse Museum where they got to make clay creatures.  Now they're chillin' in front of Fraggle Rock.

Yep.  Might start my new book.

Just gotta get the washing in.  Then fold it.  Then make dinner for tomorrow night because that chicken needs to be cooked today. And I promised Jesse I'd fix hotdog's ear, so I'll do that.  And I really have to sort out their wardrobe.  It's the one thing I said I'd do today.  So I'll do that.  I HAVE to call the bank too and set up that automatic payment for the power.  Oh! And I have to bank those two cheques.  Who writes cheques???

It's 5pm now.  I didn't start my new book.

But I'll run tonight with Nicky.  Then after…
Alex my beautiful niece is staying with us for the school holidays.

Every second with her I love. I don't want her to leave.

She is resilient. She is so brave. She is funny. She is aware.

The meaning of her name... Defender.

She is destined for great things.

Had an awesome run with Nicky tonight. We ran that hill. In pouring rain. And now in my pjs after a long hot shower with a cup of tea and the telly on.

I want to take it back!

You don't always need a goal.

After the training for the 10k run Nicky and I agreed to not do anything too serious for a while. We were had-it.

It was hard that training. It was uncomfortable. It made me a bit grumpy about running too. Because why would anyone in their right mind slog up an evil hill in the middle of winter with the night closing in and the cold so bitter it was painful to breathe just walking to the gate. Why?? Because we said we would. And that got us out. Running in the rain. Running through darkness. Running away from failure.

Oh but now we get to ... Just run.

It's Tuesday. Run day. And like clockwork Nicky turned up ready for our run.

"Where are we going?" she said.
"I dunno. Let's just run."

We started so wonderfully slow and then found our flow and away we went. As Nicky says... We had a good clip on.

Running to run is the most magnificent feeling. It is magnificent. I've missed that feeling.

The maps and the stop …
Good habits are just so hard to make and bad habits are just so hard to break.

It is true for all of us.

To make good habits I think it's about setting things up so that we don't have to think. We just have to do it. For running, especially in winter, the best way to do this is to map out all your runs for a week and book them into the diary. No thinking. Just running. Habit formed.

To break bad habits? I have no idea.

Maybe some of those habits we love just a little too much to break.