Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A wonderful feeling...

Nicky sent me a text yesterday...

"Let's run at 2 before the weather bomb hits!"

She had the day off ... and I had an hour between work and kindy run.


So we ran.  6.72 kms in 40 minutes.

"We're good aye".  Nicky said.  Yep.  We really are.  She wasn't talking about the run ... she was talking about the fact that we could get it all together and run.  She was talking about running on her day off.  She was talking about running on a full stomach (which can I say is immensely uncomfortable if you know what I mean). She was talking about running in the cold.

And then because the run was done ... this was my day....

Swimming with the kids and playing dolphins.

Big feed of Spaghetti Bolegnaise and a glass of wine.

Kids in bed.


Snuggle with my hot water bottle (hubby out) and falling asleep to Keith Urban.

A wonderful feeling.