Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One step...

I think sometimes when we go too far down the wrong track, we think it's either impossible to go back or we've gone so far that the journey back is just too long.

It's not.

You just turn around and take one step.  It doesn't matter how far down that track you've gone ... you only need to take ONE step back.  And you're home.

Maybe you've tried and stopped a diet.  Maybe you've started and stopped running.  Maybe you've ignored a friend.  Maybe you're not being the mum you know you should be.  Maybe you've lost God.  Maybe you've stuffed up.

We're told by Success Gurus to not look back.  To keep going forward.  To move with momentum and pace.  Sometimes though, you can feel that you're actually going down the wrong track so moving forward fast is the wrong thing to do.

You haven't gone too far.  You will never go too far.  You can always just turn around and take one step back ... and you're home.

That one step back will be something huge.  Like getting tough with yourself.  Or making a sacrifice.  Or saying sorry.  Or forgiving.  Or being honest.  But really ... it's just one step.

You might have taken a thousand steps in the wrong direction but it's only one step home.