Thursday, 7 June 2012

LBDs and finding truth...

Nicky and I went out last night!

Put on our LBDs and went to the Ballet.  And we met a woman who decided the only way to beat "The Change" was to head to the gym and change her diet.  Drastically.  And it really has worked.  She looks incredible.  She urged us to go to her gym ... one on one strength training in an all purpose built studio. 

"We Run". 

Her look said it all. 

"You know what happens to runners though" She said.  "Your knees and hips go crook and you'll start to fall apart ... I would NEVER run.  And anyway at the gym I get to be with my 25 year old trainer!".

She is clearly loving it.  And that's so cool for her.

But what I get from a run is so much more than a work out.  Yes, physically my legs and feet are pounding and my lungs and heart are pumping making my heart rate soar to get the results.  

But it is so much more than that.  When I run, something happens to that part of Me that makes Me... Me.  The part of Me that remains mostly silent and hidden simply because of what needs to be done to dress up for the day.  I hear Me.  I hear My fears and My truth. 

A run is so much more than just a run.