Monday, 28 May 2012

The thing about me is ...

"I hate public speaking. No, I detest it."

'I hate walking into a room of people I don't know and having to make small talk".

"I hate letting people down"

"I hate wearing my togs in public"

"I really struggle to motivate myself and stay motivated"

I will bet you anything that this list is true for you.  Guess what? You are not the only one.  That list is not unique to you.

Find me a person who eagerly volunteers to MC the kindy quiz night, or someone who loves to waltz into a room of strangers and razzle dazzle them.  Find me a person that really doesn't care about what other people think.  Like, really, truly doesn't care.  Find me someone who finds it easy to bounce out of bed every day achieving all they set out to achieve.

Here's another one ...

"The thing about me is ... I can't run.  I've tried in the past, but my lungs burn so much it's unbearable".

Guess what? This also, is not unique to you.


But not everyone gives it another go.