Tuesday, 15 May 2012

That hurt a bit...

"Yeah ... I'm the sort of mum who puts my family first.  But I really admire you for taking time for yourself.  I really do.  I just prioritise differently".

That.  Was a kick in the guts.

Like I was winded.

But, like being winded it passed.

I DO put my family first.

Dinner is on the table every night and I play with the kids and I jump on the tramp and I do the washing and I keep a clean house and I support my husband who's work sucks at the moment ... and yes ... I run.

After all that is done.  I run.

That's a bit of a stretch actually.  I don't always get it done.  But I try.  Actually sometimes I don't try.  Sometimes I let the kids watch TV and I read a magazine and serve up cherrios and chips for tea in front of sponge bob.

But I love my family.  And I give it my best shot.  Most of the time.