Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Start...

Is actually the best place to be.

I have a friend who has gone back to the start.

At first, the start was a pretty rough place to be.  Because he knew that, in the past, he had been so much further down the path ... almost at the finish.  But here he was.  At the start.  With all that distance lost.

But instead of looking at everything he had lost... he decided to look at everything he could gain.  From the start.

At the beginning of something, we get to draw a line in the sand.  And we get to say ...
"Ok.  This is where I start.  Everything up till now doesn't count."

It really is like the dawning of a new day.   You get to have another go at it.

I have another friend who is starting on Friday.  She has signed up to weight watchers.  She's coming running with us on Saturday.  She is at the start. With all that glorious possibility ahead of her.

We're allowed lots of new starts in life.   So ... draw a line.

And if you want to draw a really deep set line... forgive.

Forgive yourself.  And start.