Thursday, 24 May 2012

Live in the Day she says...

I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people that think I'm insane.

Because I'm always living in the next day.  Like I cook dinner a day in advance.  I always have my head in tomorrow .. thinking about kids sports, visitors arriving, my friends that need me, my family that want me.

I have a friend who thinks I run myself ragged doing this.  Live in the day she says.

It's Thursday.  It's run day.  And the in-laws are here.  And because tonight's dinner was cooked yesterday, as soon as I picked up the kids from Kindy and School, I got to drink them up.  Spending every single second loving them and playing with them and not worrying about time running out and not worrying about feeling stink about taking time for myself at the worst time of the day.

At 5.15pm, I skipped out the door after pulling out a piping hot lamb casserole with kumera mash and said "laters" to my family and the in-laws, knowing that they felt loved and provided for ... giving me the freedom to relish the run.

9kms of hills tonight.  Wonderful, glorious, challenging hills.  Home to scrape out what's left after the wolves devoured dinner and a long hot shower.

And what would you know ... I'm actually here.  In today.  Living it, as she says.