Friday, 18 May 2012

It happened so quick!

Just made a deliberate effort to eat a bit less.  And with the training for the 10k in June ... it happened.  That extra uncomfortable layer has melted away.

I like to eat.  I am a big eater.  My friend Steve's eyes go impossibly wide when he sees my bowl of food for lunch.  "Are you going to eat ALL THAT??".

He's so mean.  Steve bakes good.  And tortures me weekly with his delicious "something sweet for later" delights.  Here's his blog...

Blokes Who Bake

I am an awful, horrible, scratchy person when my calories are restricted.  I'm no good to anyone.  I love to eat.  Big bowls of food.  I always finish what's on my plate.  And I could always have more.  But my doctor says I am still carrying 10 kilos too much.  So I had to make a few tweaks.  And I started tweaking a couple of weeks ago.  And it worked.  Really quickly.  These are the tweaks that I made...

If I have carbs for lunch ... then it's just fruit for afternoon tea.  If no carbs for lunch, then I can have a couple of pieces of fruit toast with honey and banana on top for afternoon tea.

HEAPS of vegetables with BOTH lunch and dinner.  I devour a half a head of broccoli, and a bunch of bok choy and 2 carrots for lunch AND dinner.

And my other tweak ... easy on the carbs at night.  That doesn't mean I don't have mashed spuds with my casserole or kumera with my roast chicken ... it just means a little bit of that.  Not a lot.  I don't have pasta or rice at night.

OH! One more tweak ... I say no to lollies.  I simply can not have one.  And if I have even just one, I want to eat the entire world.  I do say yes to chocolate.  Chocolate satisfies me.  It doesn't make me crave more or eat more like lollies.


I run.

And ... I've learned that running doesn't give me a license to eat like a sumo.  Just a license to eat like a good healthy kiwi bird who loves her kai.