Saturday, 19 May 2012

The impossible...

It seemed impossible.  IMPOSSIBLE that Paula would ever run more than 1 minute.

Click HERE to read about Paula's start and her journey.

Paula ran for 4 minutes today.  Then, after a short walk, she ran 2 minutes.  Then after another short walk she ran for another 4 minutes.

It was, after all, possible.

If you think it's impossible for you to be a runner ... maybe you've NEVER run, maybe you're lugging around too much weight, maybe you've tried once but couldn't...

Paula is living proof that it is possible.

And now she's bloody talking about running 5ks and taking a running group!  The weight is melting away.  Her inner self is growing strong.

I'll say it again.  Put your shoes on .  Tie up your hair.  And run.