Sunday, 13 May 2012

I did ok!

Mothers Day 2012
Jesse who is 7 made me a two tier storage unit for my headphones at work and for my lunch.  It also has the added bonus of having a party popper shoot built in, just in case I need to mark an occasion.

Gus who is 4 gave me his heart.

When I gushed and oohed and aahed over their creations ... you should have seen their faces.  You know what it's like right?  They were CHUFFED.  SO proud.

"Giving",  truly is a marvelous feeling.  They couldn't wait to give me their gifts.  So when at 5.50am this morning two little faces leaned over me with their sweet smell of sleep whispering ... "wake up mum we've got presents" ... I was tempted to say ... "the only present I want is A BLOODY SLEEP IN!!!" ... I didn't.  I cuddled them in to me and unwrapped their perfect, perfect presents.