Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Finish it...

If you want to lose weight ... read this book.

April Loses It.

Like this facebook page...


And you will get it done.  You will finish it.

I met April today.  She lost 30 kilos in 30 weeks.

I also met women who have followed her advice and I have been astounded by their success.

This is real light bulb stuff.  You will get massive clarity on what it is that you need to do.

Guess what one of her secret weapons is?




From her book...

"I also swear by the rapid results to be gained from running.  As opposed to any other form of excercise.  Nothing removes my fat bits like running.  It uses every muscle in my body so if affects every part of me. Some people prefer to steer away from running - if they have serious knee injuries, or the pounding from carrying excess weight makes running too hard on their body (keep in mind, this will improve as you get lighter).
Unless you have a really good reason, though, I strongly recommend running to everyone.
I swear, it's a magical appetite suppresent.  My desire to eat all the crap I used to vanishes."

Nicky turned up tonight bang on 5.30 ... with the howling southerly biting our skin and the dark closing in ...

We ran.