Friday, 25 May 2012

The Dip

It's totally normal.  And totally understandable.  To find yourself not running for a bit.

It happens to everyone.  You wake up on a running day ... fully planning to run ... but you don't.  Then you wake up on the next running day ... fully planning to run ... but you don't.

That doesn't mean that you're not a runner anymore.

It just means you're in a dip.

Be the nicest you can be to yourself.  Find some space and talk to yourself.  Find out why you didn't run.  With no sense of judgement or disappointment.  Be gentle with yourself.  Have a quiet talk.

Why?  Why aren't you running?

Work? Stress? Failure? Tired?

Give yourself plenty of time to find out why.  And when you find the "why", don't dismiss it.  It's a valid reason ... what ever it is.  If you dismiss it, it's possible you'll never get deep enough to find the grit you need to be a consistant runner.

Please be nice to yourself.  It's just a dip.  Be still for a while.  Listen to yourself.  Then gather the strength you know you have and run again.