Monday, 2 April 2012

When we write our book...

Nicky is back!! (Click here if you haven't met Nicky yet!)We're meeting tomorrow for a run ... and I can't wait!

I actually love running.  And running with Nicky makes it super easy.  We start chewing each others ears off as SOON as we take our first step ... and we do not stop talking until we get home.

When we go on our big long runs we pretend we're writing a running book together.

We reckon that there are THREE key things to achieving a goal like your first 10k, or running a half marathon.

That's what our book will be about.  Those three things.

1) Find your running partner.

I've run with friends in the past but we would easily bail on each other.  We would miss runs.  Or talk ourselves out of running.  I think because we were friends first.  For example, if I sent a text to my friend to say I couldn't be bothered... she'd still love me tomorrow.  Because we're friends.

But with Nicky, we had only just met and I really didn't want to let her down because I so worried that she might not like me or that she'd think less of me.
And that was enough to always turn up.  We never ever bailed on each other.

Then after a few weeks, the habit was formed.  We turned up not because we were worried what each other would think ... but because we had become friends and we wanted the best for each other.

At the beginning it was like a "partnership".

By the time we were standing at the starting line for the half marathon ... we were friends.

2) The goal should be ... completing the TRAINING ... not the event.

Anyone can turn up and give a half marathon a go.  Anyone can!!  BUT, hardly anyone can train solidly and consistently for 13 weeks.  THAT is the really amazing feat.  Not completing a half marathon.  But completing the training.

When we decided on that ... we never looked back.  We had the training schedule on our fridge and just ticked off each day.

Our goal was to stand at the starting line and say to each other ... "AAAHHHH!! Congratulations! You did it!  You completed 13 weeks of grueling training.  You have done EVERYTHING you can AND more to prepare for this day.  What happens on this run doesn't matter.  We've achieved our goal!!!"
And that is exactly what happened.
There were no nerves gripping our tummies and making our hands shake.
We just stood there, peaceful and calm and utterly chuffed with ourselves.

Turns out ... we did okay on the run too!  Better than what we could ever have dreamed of.  I'm still buzzing about that.

3) Have the next one in your sights.

Once we had taken the pressure of not having the half marathon as the goal ... we were able to see past it.  And started talking about our next event and what we wanted to achieve.  It was as if the half marathon was already behind us.

Having another event in our sights meant that we truly believed the half marathon was totally achievable and what's more we truly believed we would love it so much we'd do it again.

Maybe it's not enough to write a book!! But it's enough to write a post!