Monday, 16 April 2012

Saying yes...

I'm a runner.  I run.  My heart is fit.  So when Nicky "suggested" I do a couple of the Real Women's Duathlons with her ... I said ... Yes.

Imagine that.  No real training.   I just said yes.  I had a ten minute practice ride on her road bike and that was it.  But I still said yes.  I said yes because I could trust my heart and lungs and legs to get me through it.


We took it seriously.  We wanted to do it in a good time.  This was Nicky's 15th one!!! And I didn't want to slow her down.  We ran fast.  Biked fast.  Then wobbled on our legs trying to run for the last bit.

We came in at 54.36.  Nicky's 2nd fastest time ever!! Her fastest ... 54.23.  SO CLOSE!

We're doing the Hawke's Bay one next Sunday.  We'll beat that time.  For sure.  Just won't stop to put my lippy on at the transition.