Thursday, 19 April 2012

Running Sisters...

I started this running group last year.  It started small ... and every week it grows.

Women ... lots of them.  All different.  SO different.  And maybe that's why there are wonderful, true friendships being formed.

I found out a few weeks ago that quite a few of them meet for weekday runs!  I love that so much.  I've said before ... it's so important to find your Nicky.  Someone who will run with you and never bail.  Someone who equally wants the best for you and for herself.

Kathy is one of our women in the group.  Wow.  Talk about sheer determination.  And quiet determination.  Kathy doesn't hoopla like me when she achieves something.  She just quietly nods and smiles.

I got this from Kathy last week....

Hey Kath, today my run was rubbish- can't put my finger on why it was like that, but it was RUBBISH!!!!I think I walked a third of the way,just couldn't get mind and legs to connect!!I know you have said that having a bad run can sometimes happen, and when it happened for me today,it felt like I had not only let myself down,but also those whom I was running with.I guess the best cure is to get the shoes back on and RUN!! sooner rather than later eh!

So I sent her this...

Oh Kathy!!! You had "the bad run". We ALL have the bad run. I have one a month I reckon. I promise you though... Your next run will be amazing. It really will be. Give yourself a good couple of days off. Then head out there... But slowly. I bet you anything... You'll have the run of your life! Think about it though... Remember you came to our group having NEVER run! An now look at you!

Then I got this!

Hey Kath- you were so right about my next run being a good one!!Tonight, I ran 4.6kms AND didn't stop!!!!!!. It is such an amazing feeling. Kia ora e hoa. He wahine ngakau nui a Kath!

Find your running sisters!  And run.