Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Run is DONE!

Squeezed a run in straight after work and before the kindy pick up.

30 minutes with Nicky.  It was a struggle! But we laughed and chatted all the way and moaned and groaned cos our bodies were tired from the Duathlon on Sunday!

Nicky and Me.  Duathlon in the gorgeous Hawkes Bay DONE!

There is NO WAY that I would have gone out today without Nicky.  I think she feels the same too.

8 Weeks to go till the 10ks.  Most runners would find it easy-as to run 10ks under an hour.  But for Nicky and me ... that's a massive goal.

Apparently we have to run faster!! But we can't talk when we run fast!!  So... we've decided that one run a week will be fast ... the other runs will be at a pace where we can talk.
It's the talking that we love.  It's like purging a weeks worth of stress.  It's got to be healthy right?

My husband LOVES it.  It means that I've used up most of my words for the day, leaving only about
245, 000, 000 for him.