Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rate myself!

I've been quite impressed by me lately.

Considered myself a bit of a runner even.

That all came crashing down this morning.

Nicky and I met in Silverstream for our Circuit Run this morning.  It's part of our training for the 10k in June.  We have a goal of doing that in 55 minutes or quicker!

Jog 1 minute. Sprint 1 minute.  Jog 1 minute. etc.  For 20 minutes.

After 5 minutes Nicky was bent over in pain and I was trying to contain the vomit that keep pushing up my throat.

It was the hardest run we've ever done.  Yep.  Harder than the half marathon.  I would've chosen running for 2 hours over what we did this morning.

When it was done we both looked at each other mad angry and exhausted and completely and utterly ...
I really can't write that word here.  But ... we were well and truly ...

You see the running has actually been quite easy up to this point.  Our husbands give us HEAPS about talking on every run ... the whole way.  Nicky's brother in law actually pointed out once that we weren't running to our potential if we could talk the whole way.  He reckoned we were nowhere close to running to our potential.

So.  Today we pushed it.  It was so incredibly hard.  There was NO talking.  The occasional moan or groan or grunt.  But no talking.

But I'm excited by this.  And so is Nicky.  This is a challenge.  We needed a challenge.  We needed to mix it up.  We feel like we're about to start something great.  Imagine.  Imagine if we could be fast runners.  Not just runners.  But fast runners.

Then I might rate myself.