Friday, 6 April 2012

Need a kick out the door?

I got this AMAZING comment on the "All dressed up and nowhere to go" post today.

It's from Janelle ... one awesome chick I met AGES ago.  We met picking boysenberries in Hawke's Bay when we were about 14.   We laughed our way through every excruciatingly, tedious, hot as anything day where they paid us 2.46 in a tiny brown envelope at the end of each day and because we were mugs and because our parents told us to, and because Mark The Spunk who was 2 years older than us was there.. we went back for more.

Then 3 years later when I was unpacking my 501s and doc martins and putting up my Stone Roses poster in my hostel room at Uni, I heard that laugh from across the hall.  Even after 3 years of not seeing her I knew! JANELLE!!!

Thanks to Facebook we know we still exist.

Here's what she said...

Loving the blog Kath. Every time I see pics of you I just can't believe how amazing you look. You have always been gorgeous but your body has transformed! I'm fat. I blame babies. I started to run and then found out I was pregnant with my 2nd so I stopped. That was 2 years ago. It's a shame because I had just started to turn a corner with fitness.... Now I am 12kg heavier, always tired and lethargic. Photo's of myself shock me and I just don't fit any clothes. Leggings, leggings, leggings. I need inspiration so maybe this is it! Shame I don't live in Petone... I guess now all I need to do is... Run, again. Love your old boysenberry picking, Walter D, Whitney singing buddy Janelle x

And you know what ... she did.  Run again.  Got this comment a few hours later...

Just done my first 10 mins.... Plod and wobble. Now all I need is a Nicky, a decent bra, and some hair to tie back.... And maybe a shoe upgrade soon. Thanks Kath!

Do this.  Go on.  I know I keep saying this ... but ... put your shoes on and run.

WHO CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!  YOU care what you look like when you stand in front of your mirror right? So just run.

Follow the "How To Start Page" ... click here ... and you will never look back. Be prepared to think ... I can't be arsed.  So read... It Never Get's Easier.

Running group tomorrow!  I heart Saturday mornings.