Friday, 13 April 2012

Just Starting out? And struggling a bit?

Paula is.

Paula came along to our Saturday morning running group a few months ago.  She wrote about her first time running.  It's such an inspiring read.  Click HERE to read it.

Last week I wrote about those runs that are really hard.  Paula had one of those runs ... they come out of nowhere and kick you in the guts.

She wrote about it ...

"Off to a good start . . . . . .

I went to Kath’s running group this  morning – I was really looking forward to being there.  We had already had one day off and there was still another two days off work – how could it not be a wonderful day?  It was a beautiful sunny morning but still early enough to be lovely and cool (I hate hate hate hate running when it is warm Yuck!!!!).

I ran the first couple of one minute stints and they went ooooookay, then Kath announced in her wonderful announcey way that there would be only two minute stints from there on in.   Mmmmmm things definitely started to go downhill from there.  I could not get things working in the way they are supposed to.  Two minutes honestly felt like two hours and I felt grumpy about it – I think I may have even snapped Kath’s head off about messing with me with regard to measuring the time.  Really grumpy because I felt my body had let me down.  I thought of all the excuses in the world why today went bad and then realised them for what they were, big fat excuses.

Kath was wonderfully supportive as usual but today her support fell on deaf ears – I had let myself down and that was the long and the short of it as far as I was concerned.

I went home and cried about it – I cried because I felt like I was trying harder than I had ever tried before to get fit and my body was working against me.  I know it seems like “hell if that’s all she has to worry about – I want her life” but that feeling of letting yourself down really has the ability to dampen your spirits.

Okay that’s my pity party over – time to get back up and moving towards my goal of getting fitter (the weight loss will come with the getting fitter part apparently!!!)

Hell it is still a lovely day, and there is still two and a half days off work and I am looking forward to Kath’s running group next Saturday to prove to myself that this morning was just a bad day."

Everyone has a bad run every now and then.  I wrote about it!  Click HERE.  It might help you get past that bad run so that you can have the run of your life the next time you run.