Saturday, 28 April 2012

I'll Start Monday...

I am SO guilty of this.

I've stuffed up.  So I'll start Monday.

Most of my life I've said that.  I'll start Monday.

You know what we're saying to ourselves? Fall further.  Go deeper.  Sabotage.  It's like we're giving ourselves permission to bail.

My friend Steve once said to me ... why start Monday? Just start now.  Ok I said.  I'll start tomorrow. No he said.  Start now.

Stuffed up?

Start now.  Not tomorrow. And definitely not Monday.  Start now.

Don't do what you always do and bail on yourself.  If you wait until Monday you will be so much further away from where you so desperately want to be.

If you start now you are giving yourself the most amazing gift.  The gift of strength.  Waiting for Monday to start is us being weak.  And we're not weak.  We get up every morning and work and run the house and bring up the kids and run kindy committees and keep our husbands happy and be strong for our friends and love our families.  We're not weak.

You're strong.  Really strong.   Start now.