Sunday, 22 April 2012

Calm Down!!

When the starting horn BLASTS everything in you wants to bolt.



The rush of starting an event is incredible. It feeds you and gives you electric energy that can ONLY be felt at the start of an event. But that rush only burns brightly for a few minutes. Sometimes only seconds. Then you're left with reality. Your lungs are burning. Your heart is pounding dangerously fast. Your ears are deafened by the blood pumping loud. And all you can think is "How am I going to get through this. I'm spent already."

Tell yourself at the start ... Calm down. Let them all go on ahead. Giddy with the rush of the starting horn.

Don't be tempted to keep their pace. Calm down. Because 2 ks in you'll be picking them off. And all you'll be thinking is "I feel awesome. This is great. I'm Gonna do this".