Thursday, 26 April 2012

All the excuses in the world....

It's dark.
It's cold.
I'll be fighting traffic to get to Nicky's house.
Hubby is home late.

BUT ... it's Thursday.  I have to run.

So ... I get my gear on.  Call the babysitter.  Make pizzas for the kids.   Get in the car and head for Nicky's, and ...

We run.

And oh what a brilliant run it was.  We ran through the leafy streets of Silverstream.  Silverstream really does do Autumn well.  We were rewarded with crunchy golden leaves on the footpath, kids selling feijoas outside their gate, and the lights in the houses glowing with families settling in for the night.

It was good to be running.  It was wonderful to be running.

I feel ... replete.