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Inspire Me...

I got a message this morning from a lovely woman who has been reading this blog.

She's low on energy.  Feeling the extra weight after the babies. So now she's ready.  Ready to run.

"But" ... she says ... "How do I get the motivation to get up that early to run? Inspire me".

I wish I could.

I wish I could give you a bunch of words that magically unlock what it is that is holding you back.

It would be incredible.  If I could just write a line or two that spoke to that part of you that needs a push.

And you heard it ... and you got it ... and you ran.

I wish, wish, wish I could.

All I can say is this.

I got fat.  So I ran.

Rate myself!

I've been quite impressed by me lately.

Considered myself a bit of a runner even.

That all came crashing down this morning.

Nicky and I met in Silverstream for our Circuit Run this morning.  It's part of our training for the 10k in June.  We have a goal of doing that in 55 minutes or quicker!

Jog 1 minute. Sprint 1 minute.  Jog 1 minute. etc.  For 20 minutes.

After 5 minutes Nicky was bent over in pain and I was trying to contain the vomit that keep pushing up my throat.

It was the hardest run we've ever done.  Yep.  Harder than the half marathon.  I would've chosen running for 2 hours over what we did this morning.

When it was done we both looked at each other mad angry and exhausted and completely and utterly ...
I really can't write that word here.  But ... we were well and truly ...

You see the running has actually been quite easy up to this point.  Our husbands give us HEAPS about talking on every run ... the whole way.  Nicky's brother in law actually po…

I'll Start Monday...

I am SO guilty of this.

I've stuffed up.  So I'll start Monday.

Most of my life I've said that.  I'll start Monday.

You know what we're saying to ourselves? Fall further.  Go deeper.  Sabotage.  It's like we're giving ourselves permission to bail.

My friend Steve once said to me ... why start Monday? Just start now.  Ok I said.  I'll start tomorrow. No he said.  Start now.

Stuffed up?

Start now.  Not tomorrow. And definitely not Monday.  Start now.

Don't do what you always do and bail on yourself.  If you wait until Monday you will be so much further away from where you so desperately want to be.

If you start now you are giving yourself the most amazing gift.  The gift of strength.  Waiting for Monday to start is us being weak.  And we're not weak.  We get up every morning and work and run the house and bring up the kids and run kindy committees and keep our husbands happy and be strong for our friends and love our families.  We're not weak.…

All the excuses in the world....

It's dark.
It's cold.
I'll be fighting traffic to get to Nicky's house.
Hubby is home late.

BUT ... it's Thursday.  I have to run.

So ... I get my gear on.  Call the babysitter.  Make pizzas for the kids.   Get in the car and head for Nicky's, and ...

We run.

And oh what a brilliant run it was.  We ran through the leafy streets of Silverstream.  Silverstream really does do Autumn well.  We were rewarded with crunchy golden leaves on the footpath, kids selling feijoas outside their gate, and the lights in the houses glowing with families settling in for the night.

It was good to be running.  It was wonderful to be running.

I feel ... replete.

What's with the washing???

I feel like all I do some days is washing.  Hang out washing. Bring in washing.  Fold washing.  Put away washing.  Put on washing.  Hang out washing.  Bring in washing.  Fold washing.  Put away washing.

Washing washing washing.

Today is glorious rest day! But why on a rest day do I feel like running and on a running day I feel like a rest?

The Run is DONE!

Squeezed a run in straight after work and before the kindy pick up.

30 minutes with Nicky.  It was a struggle! But we laughed and chatted all the way and moaned and groaned cos our bodies were tired from the Duathlon on Sunday!

There is NO WAY that I would have gone out today without Nicky.  I think she feels the same too.

8 Weeks to go till the 10ks.  Most runners would find it easy-as to run 10ks under an hour.  But for Nicky and me ... that's a massive goal.

Apparently we have to run faster!! But we can't talk when we run fast!!  So... we've decided that one run a week will be fast ... the other runs will be at a pace where we can talk.
It's the talking that we love.  It's like purging a weeks worth of stress.  It's got to be healthy right?

My husband LOVES it.  It means that I've used up most of my words for the day, leaving only about
245, 000, 000 for him.

Calm Down!!

When the starting horn BLASTS everything in you wants to bolt.



The rush of starting an event is incredible. It feeds you and gives you electric energy that can ONLY be felt at the start of an event. But that rush only burns brightly for a few minutes. Sometimes only seconds. Then you're left with reality. Your lungs are burning. Your heart is pounding dangerously fast. Your ears are deafened by the blood pumping loud. And all you can think is "How am I going to get through this. I'm spent already."

Tell yourself at the start ... Calm down. Let them all go on ahead. Giddy with the rush of the starting horn.

Don't be tempted to keep their pace. Calm down. Because 2 ks in you'll be picking them off. And all you'll be thinking is "I feel awesome. This is great. I'm Gonna do this".

Before and After...

Can running really melt away the blubber??



8 Weeks later...

Run.  Put your shoes on.  Run, Run, Run.

Running through a "Date"

If you have lost someone ... the date that you lost them can become a heavy, unbearable, agonizing number that fills you with dread as it creeps towards you.

I had seen this happen to my best friend.  And the ache that he felt was just so grim to watch.

I had my own date looming.  So I decided to run through it.  My date is February 22nd.  So I ran the Half Marathon on February 26th.

I ran through it.

I'm not saying that running takes away the ache.  But it gives you new aches to think about.  Physical aches.  Aches that you can take a panadol for, or have a bath for, or sleep for.  Aches that you can fix.

If you have a date looming ... run through it.  Know what it's like to be able to fix an ache.

Running Sisters...

I started this running group last year.  It started small ... and every week it grows.

Women ... lots of them.  All different.  SO different.  And maybe that's why there are wonderful, true friendships being formed.

I found out a few weeks ago that quite a few of them meet for weekday runs!  I love that so much.  I've said before ... it's so important to find your Nicky.  Someone who will run with you and never bail.  Someone who equally wants the best for you and for herself.

Kathy is one of our women in the group.  Wow.  Talk about sheer determination.  And quiet determination.  Kathy doesn't hoopla like me when she achieves something.  She just quietly nods and smiles.

I got this from Kathy last week....

Hey Kath, today my run was rubbish- can't put my finger on why it was like that, but it was RUBBISH!!!!I think I walked a third of the way,just couldn't get mind and legs to connect!!I know you have said that having a bad run can sometimes happen, and when i…

Ok ... so I aint perfect...

I slipped up.

Before I knew it, I was pouring a glass of Hawke's Bay Merlot and scooping out Tasman Bay Hokey Pokey ice-cream into our biggest bowl.

So ... I didn't run.

Nicky just sent me a text ... "Our first Tuesday off in 8 months!".

Okay ... I don't feel so bad.

But I had JUST written yesterday about how the feeling of having been for your run is waaaaay better than the feeling from wishing you went for a run.

So I feel stink.  Like I've let you down.  Like I'm a fraud.

I should have run.  I could have run.  I didn't run.

So ... what now?

Always, always always there are two choices in EVERY situation.

Choice 1) Eat some more ice-cream.  Put my running shoes away for the winter.  Tell myself ... it's okay to let go ... Eat! Enjoy yourself ... give yourself a break.

Result of Choice 1) Get fat.  Get angry at myself, and take it out on those I love.  Get angrier at myself, get angrier at those I love.  Hate myself.  Live lackluster days.


The internal battle rages...

So ... should I run or not?  I know I should.  I really should.  I just can't be arsed.  But I'd feel better if I ran.  I'll run tomorrow.  But today is run day.  I should run.  I really should.  But I'm tired.  It's been a big day. I'll run tomorrow. I think my running pants are in the wash anyway.  No... I have to run today.  I really do.  It's Tuesday and Tuesday is run day.  Nah.  I'm too hungry.  I'll have some cheese on toast and a cup of tea and run tomorrow.

Let me tell you this ...

The feeling you get when the run is behind you is infinitely better than the feeling you get after deciding not to run.

If today is your run day... Put your shoes on and run.

Saying yes...

I'm a runner.  I run.  My heart is fit.  So when Nicky "suggested" I do a couple of the Real Women's Duathlons with her ... I said ... Yes.

Imagine that.  No real training.   I just said yes.  I had a ten minute practice ride on her road bike and that was it.  But I still said yes.  I said yes because I could trust my heart and lungs and legs to get me through it.


We took it seriously.  We wanted to do it in a good time.  This was Nicky's 15th one!!! And I didn't want to slow her down.  We ran fast.  Biked fast.  Then wobbled on our legs trying to run for the last bit.

We came in at 54.36.  Nicky's 2nd fastest time ever!! Her fastest ... 54.23.  SO CLOSE!

We're doing the Hawke's Bay one next Sunday.  We'll beat that time.  For sure.  Just won't stop to put my lippy on at the transition.

Get it done...

Renata is training for her first 5k ... in May.  A beautiful coastal run to Pencarrow and back.  We've tried a few times to get the running rhythm in Renata's life ... but something always came up and halted any momentum that we had.

Not now.  Now we have traction.  Renata is following this training schedule.  Religiously. Her progress is incredible.  It's exciting. I love this quote from Oprah Winfrey ... "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."

Pick an event.  Print out a training schedule.  Do what it says.  Get it done.  And ... run.

Just Starting out? And struggling a bit?

Paula is.

Paula came along to our Saturday morning running group a few months ago.  She wrote about her first time running.  It's such an inspiring read.  Click HERE to read it.

Last week I wrote about those runs that are really hard.  Paula had one of those runs ... they come out of nowhere and kick you in the guts.

She wrote about it ...

"Off to a good start . . . . . .

I went to Kath’s running group this  morning – I was really looking forward to being there.  We had already had one day off and there was still another two days off work – how could it not be a wonderful day?  It was a beautiful sunny morning but still early enough to be lovely and cool (I hate hate hate hate running when it is warm Yuck!!!!).
I ran the first couple of one minute stints and they went ooooookay, then Kath announced in her wonderful announcey way that there would be only two minute stints from there on in.   Mmmmmm things definitely started to go downhill from there.  I could not get things work…

I ran cos I can!

It was suposed to be a rest day today ... but I WANTED to run! So I did.

A run with no expectations.

Across the harbour, Wellington was showing off again and looked spectacular.  The air had that magical Autumnal chill, mixed with the fumes from the cars making their way home to dinner, which I could smell cooking too!

The sense that anything is possible. ... whisking me along the esplanade.

The whole way I had the biggest goofiest grin.  I felt alive.  I felt proud of my legs ... they were strong and quick and carried me along as if I had a tail wind there and back.  

Had some good tunes on my ipod too!

Mumford and Sons, Lady Antebellum, Kelly Rowland, Midnight Youth.

There is something about Mumford and Sons The Cave ... it calls to my heart and makes me run fast.

And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again

Getting the Running Pass Out...

Nicky and I run every Tuesday and Thursday night at 5.30.




Just got to get it all sorted before Hubby comes home.

I need those runs with Nicky.  I'll do what ever it takes.  I have always said, that I NEVER wanted my running to impact negatively on my family.  I never wanted my husband to roll his eyes when he got home from work and I never wanted him to think "Oh Great.  I've been working all day and now I have to get dinner ready with strung out hungry kids".  So, on those days... I get it sorted.  And I get my Running Pass Out.

We had a GREAT run tonight.  5 ks.  30 minutes.  We are loving training for something again.

The air was thin, the dark was creeping across the sky ... and we ran.  

Harnessing time...

My friend made a New Years Resolution.  To do something little towards something big every single day.

And he did.

He did something little every single day and he just told me that the something big was done.  DONE.

On the 9th of April 2012 it is done.

This is going to sound ridiculous.  Like I'm stating the obvious.  But... time happens.  Regardless of what we do with it.  Time happens.  You'll know this if you've had a "Loose Weight By Friends Wedding" goal.  You probably didn't stick to it and all of a sudden that wedding day is tomorrow.

Time happens, regardless of what you do with it.

April the 9th 2012 happened.  And because my friend did something with time ... he got that big thing done.

It's simple.  So simple.  If, like me, you have woken up today feeling like you've failed, because you ate too much, or spent too much, or didn't run... remember... Time happens regardless of what you do with it.

So do something with it.

To the friend w…

And it begins...

Today was the first day of our training for the 10k in June.  Nicky and I can run 10k.  We've done a half marathon!! That still gives me a thrill. We've done a HALF MARATHON!!!

Halfway through our training for that, we started to get excited about the possibility of running the 10ks in June in a respectable time.  We have both raced that 10k.  And it was the first time for both of us.  Took me 1 hour 9.  Took Nicky 1 hour 7.  Let's do it under an hour.

So we googled and googled and googled until we found the perfect training schedule.  Perfect for us because it speaks our running language.  Training days are measured in time on your feet.
Not distance.

Fo me, running is mostly a mind sport.  You already know this because you've had the internal battle every time you've forced yourself out the door.  And because it's a mind sport ... there's something more comfortable about looking ahead to a 30 minute run rather than staring at "run 6ks".  Even t…

Some runs are harder than others...

Every now and then ... a run really sucks.  I've had bad runs and I remember each and every one of them.

Bones hurt.  Head hurts.  Heart hurts.  Lungs hurt.  It feels like the very first time you ever ran.

And then your mind goes to that place.  "You're hating this because you're not actually a runner.  Leave the running to actual runners".

A bad run is enough to put you off for life.

BUT...Know this.  Sometimes ... ONLY sometimes ... you will have a bad run.  We all do.  But always, after every bad run ... comes THE RUN OF YOUR LIFE!

This happened to my friend Renata last week.  She had a hard run.  She lost faith in herself and wondered why she was doing it in the first place.  I told her ... everyone has a bad run sometimes.  The next one will be the run of your life.  And the next one was.  She was SO stoked.

It happened to Paula today on our Saturday morning run with our running group.  She just couldn't get her legs and arms and heart and lungs to work…

Need a kick out the door?

I got this AMAZING comment on the "All dressed up and nowhere to go" post today.

It's from Janelle ... one awesome chick I met AGES ago.  We met picking boysenberries in Hawke's Bay when we were about 14.   We laughed our way through every excruciatingly, tedious, hot as anything day where they paid us 2.46 in a tiny brown envelope at the end of each day and because we were mugs and because our parents told us to, and because Mark The Spunk who was 2 years older than us was there.. we went back for more.

Then 3 years later when I was unpacking my 501s and doc martins and putting up my Stone Roses poster in my hostel room at Uni, I heard that laugh from across the hall.  Even after 3 years of not seeing her I knew! JANELLE!!!

Thanks to Facebook we know we still exist.

Here's what she said...

Loving the blog Kath. Every time I see pics of you I just can't believe how amazing you look. You have always been gorgeous but your body has transformed! I'm fat. I b…

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Well that'll learn us!

We were SO excited about going out instead of going running.  See the post below.  Got freebie tickets to the opening of a new restaurant in town.

And we were almost on the motorway when we got the call.

"There's been a mix up!  Those seats we gave you have been given to someone else"!

We both looked at each other .... what we were thinking? Bailing on the run in the first place!! This was punishment!

But we were all dressed up!  So we went for a glass of wine anyway. And we talked.  As if we were on the run.  And swore that we would never bail on the run again.

Until the next wicked invite comes up that is.

Does this count as bailing?

My friend just called to say that I have been invited to the opening of a new restaurant in town tonight.  And "bring a friend!" they say.

"I can't.  I'm running with Nicky.  Thank you though!!!"
"Bring Nicky" They say.

So I rang Nicky and nervously pitched the idea to her.  Nervously .... because we're not the spontaneous type in anyway ... and also, more importantly, that would mean bailing on a run.

"Yes.  Let's do it". She said.


OK!!! Let's do it!!!  We're not bailing on each other! We're just bailing on the run.  And the road will be there tomorrow.  Punishing us for that extra glass of wine.  But it will forgive us and let us feel like runners again.

.... WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR????!!!!!

Real Sorry...

I have a friend.

 My oldest friend.

I can't remember when we became friends but it was somewhere between Cabbage Patch Dolls and listening to Pseudo Echo sing Funky Town on the radio.

In the early years I spent most of my time trying to make her laugh... Till she wet her pants.

I have this sense that she was in the middle of my life and I kept turning into her.

I'd spin off somewhere like get a boyfriend, or find another friend, or discover a new band, or go to uni, or go flatting, or get a job, or get married but I would always turn into her.

And then I would spend my time trying to make her laugh... Till she wet her pants.

But recently ... I got busy.

Busy with grief and guilt and shame after loosing my sister. Busy with trying to please my new friends. Busy with running.  Busy trying to be a good wife and mum. Busy trying to keep my job.

And you know what. In all that time I didn't turn back into her.

She called me on it. Tonight. I had just got in from a run.  There wa…

I'm So Excited!!!

I CAN'T WAIT for my run today!

I want you to have this feeling! To be sooo looking forward to a run.

Do you have that dream of being a runner?  A strong, slim, happy, on top of things, runner? 

Then put on your shoes and RUN!!!

You can absolutely be a runner.  The MOMENT you put your running shoes on, you are a runner.
And you will never, ever look back.

I have proof.  I'm a runner.   And honestly, I reckon no-one in my life thought that I could do it. 

I surprised them all.

Suprise them.  Surpise them all!! Put your shoes on and run. 

You will surprise them, and you will surpise yourself.

When we write our book...

Nicky is back!! (Click here if you haven't met Nicky yet!)We're meeting tomorrow for a run ... and I can't wait!

I actually love running.  And running with Nicky makes it super easy.  We start chewing each others ears off as SOON as we take our first step ... and we do not stop talking until we get home.

When we go on our big long runs we pretend we're writing a running book together.

We reckon that there are THREE key things to achieving a goal like your first 10k, or running a half marathon.

That's what our book will be about.  Those three things.

1) Find your running partner.

I've run with friends in the past but we would easily bail on each other.  We would miss runs.  Or talk ourselves out of running.  I think because we were friends first.  For example, if I sent a text to my friend to say I couldn't be bothered... she'd still love me tomorrow.  Because we're friends.

But with Nicky, we had only just met and I really didn't want to let h…

The Treadmill...

I reckon my life is like a treadmill.  Just keep running and everything ticks over just fine.

But every now and then, I get off the treadmill.

Like when someone says ... "I'll pick up the kids so that you don't have to rush your doctors appointment".  Or when mum comes to stay and she does all the cooking.  Or like this weekend ... the girls weekend.  I got off the treadmill for a whole day and a whole night.  No kids.  No men.  A LOT of talking.  A LOT of eating.

I used to find that getting back on the treadmill was just too hard... making the getting off just not worth it.

My friend Jo totally agrees.   Getting off the treadmill gives you a glimpse of what you are missing out on!

I went through a faze of just not getting off because I couldn't bare getting back on again.

But I'm okay with that now.  I'm okay with getting back on.  Because I know that it only takes a few minutes of running on the treadmill, and I find my rhythm pretty quick and then ev…