Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We're Always Running...

Paula and I were laughing about this the other day.  We're always running!! Not the "put your shoes on" kind of run ... but the "running through your day" run.

Wake up.
RUN to the shower.
RUN to school/kindy.
RUN to work.
RUN around work to get everything done.
RUN out of time.
RUN to Kindy.
RUN to School.
RUN to home.
RUN to sports/music lessons/groceries/pay bills
RUN out of money.
RUN to home again.
RUN around the kitchen cooking dinner.
RUN out of food.
RUN to meetings.

Yep.  ALWAYS running.

Running for everyone else!!!

And it's fine!  We signed up for this.  We wanted the family.  It's not a bad thing in anyway that we run around like ... as my Dad would say ... a blue-arse fly ...

It's just that it's SO good to run for ourselves.

I know it's hard to get out there.  It never get's easier.  I wrote a post on that!  Click here to read it.

Try this...

Commit to 3 running days a week.  I have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
Then RELISH the rest days.
And remember ... it's only 30 minutes right?  You can do 30 minutes.  When you think about your day ... that 30 minutes is actually your easiest.

Another thing that REALLY helps ... is managing your expectations.  If my friend Steve was reading this, he'd say that's a "Kathism".  Managing Expectations.  But it works.  Say to yourself ... I'm only going to do 2 ks.  And I'm going to go REALLY slow.  I bet you ... that you'll love that slow 2ks ... and that you'll want to pick up the pace and bust out another 2ks.

Do what ever it takes, to RUN for yourself.

Making Pizza tonight.  I have to double the recipe because apparently my husband and boys haven't eaten for 5 days.

OH! Update on the "No TV" punishment ... we ALL hated it.  It was TORTURE!! So for the last couple of nights they've hit the sack, closed their eyes and gone straight to sleep.
Hello Nick Jr!! We've missed you!!

How did my mother do it?? 4 kids.  No TV. Kudos Margy.  Kudos.