Sunday, 18 March 2012

Want to be inspired? Paula's First Run...

I listened to Kath going on and on about her running group on The Breeze every day.  To begin with I just listened then I started listening and thinking a little bit.  I thought to myself how much of a fool would I make of myself if I went along and just gave it just a little try?

I continued with these thoughts and then what does a girl do – she opens her big mouth to Kath (of all people) and tells her “I would like to give that a little try one day”.  Kath, in good Kath style decided that the very next Saturday would be a great opportunity for my little first attempt at a run.

I would like to share with you about how that first Saturday morning went.  I hauled my fat bum out of bed at about 7:30 am, dragged on my big baggy T Shirt and shorts and jumped in the car.  My heart was pounding, the nerves were making me literally sick to the stomach (all before I had even pulled out of the driveway). 

I arrived at the water fountain and sat in my car and just observed the people that were arriving to take part in the running group.  I have to say I felt so out of my depth that it took everything I had to not turn on my ignition, drive home, climb back under the duvet and change my radio station!  The ladies that were gathering just looked the part, I didn’t know anyone and they were all at least 20kgs lighter than me.

I had given my word to Kath that I would come along and give it a go and give it a go I would!!!

Right, said Kath, let’s start with 45 seconds running followed by 45 seconds walking – that doesn’t sound too hard does it?  It wasn’t either.  Next she said let’s do 1 min running, 1 min walking.  That wasn’t too bad either – until we had done it a couple of times!  Then I have to say, 1 minute felt like 15 minutes and if it wasn’t for Kath calling out time progress reports I think I would have given up and gone home.  We finished up on my first day with one 2 minute stint – this felt awful – my lungs were burning, my legs were tired and the reality of my level of fitness had dawned on me and I felt as depressed as hell.

I got in the car with my face burning and wet with sweat and thought to myself I DID IT!!! I felt so proud of myself.  Hell I could let my thoughts get the better of me or I could let them work for me.  The first time was over – there would never be another first time – if I could do it that first time, what was stopping me doing it again and again.  I decided then that I would definitely be back for more.

I did go back to Kath’s running group and within a couple of weeks, while my fitness level still embarrasses me – I now feel like I can pat myself on the back for giving it a go.  It has prompted me to join the gym, go walking 5km every other night with a neighbour.  Most importantly it has taught me that I am completely in control of my level of fitness.  Incidentally the other ladies in the running group are absolutely lovely and extremely supportive.

Hell I don’t ever think I will be able to call myself a runner I really don’t, but if I can get to the stage where I can run 5kms I will be really satisfied.   All thanks to Kath and her inspirational can do attitude.