Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spreading The Running Love...

I slept in!! I arranged to meet Renata at 7.40.  My eyes opened up at 7.33!! Well ... they opened at 5.50am when the kids woke up and snuggled in bed with me (Hubby was out for a run after reading It Never Gets Easier Post!).
But then we all went back to sleep.  Don't you love the kids sweet, warm morning smell.  It speaks directly to that part of you that connects them with you, and only you.  They were formed in me.  And here they are ... all wriggly limbs and warm skin snuggled into me ... where they belong.

Anyway ...  I slept in! It's 7.33 and Renata is always early.  Mad dash to find my gear.  ALL in the wash ... so it's the last resort running pants!! You can clearly see my knickers through them and pretty bad camels toe!! Ah well.  Who cares right?

So off we go ... just under 4 ks.  A tough one for Renata ... the last k is running "at pace".  And Renata is at the beginning of her "running journey".   She doesn't know this yet ... hopefully she wont read this ... but I'm gonna get her to do the 5k in Eastbourne in May.  Once you've done a 5k ... everything changes I reckon.

So ... I say goodbye to her and off I go to my running group at the water fountain.  BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I took a photo of the sky to prove it.


Three new girls!! Jo, Harriet and Cat.  I wish I had words for how chuffed it makes me feel.
To know that this is right.  I'm on the right path.  I am suposed to be doing this running group.  They keep turning up ... and every week we have someone new come along.  I think we're up to about 25 women now.  We started with 4.  This is right.  I hardly ever feel like I'm on the right path.  But this is right.  Look at them!! These gorgeous women, all shapes and sizes, out there running.  Laughing and encouraging each other.  And all of us claiming our right to the road.

Liz who started about 6 weeks ago ... had NEVER run.  And today she graduated from the beginners group to running 3.3ks.  That ... is inspiring.  Incredible.  Liz turns up.  Every Saturday. She has got it.  She puts her shoes on.  She turns up.  I was running behind her today and noticed how her body has changed.  She has a lot of weight to get rid of.  BUT ... I can see a beautiful shape emerging.  Her waist has come in and she looks lighter.  It's melting away.  I know that inside she is feeling amazing too.

We find strength in each other.  Kathy lost her man and today is his birthday.  After the run, she's off to sit at his grave to mourn the love of her life.  I know grief.  It is relentless.  It's a full time job.  There's no Friday night feeling with grief.  Apathy replaces joy, sadness, shock, fear, anger.  So we stand next to her and wrap our arms around her and try our best to let her know that her grief is valid and that we honour her pain and wish we could take it away.

Kathy came running today.  On the hardest of days she came running.