Saturday, 24 March 2012


It's raining! 

But that didn't stop the girls turning up this morning.  

This group really is ... different shapes, different sizes, different ages, different beliefs, different goals, different EVERYTHING.  Maybe that's what makes it work? No competition.  No judging.  Just running.  Actually ... just talking and running.

Today my focus is getting Liz and Kathy to run WITHOUT STOPPING 3 ks.  They MUST start slow.  SLOOOOOOWW.  For at LEAST 5 minutes.  If you're started out ... this is absolutely the key.  Start slow.  Even if you think you are going slow ... slow down some more.

And that's what we did today...

Liz ... gorgeous Liz.  47, who only started 2 months ago, and is carrying too much weight for her liking ... RAN 3 KS WITHOUT STOPPING TODAY!!! 
Liz ... You make me want to do better and try harder.  Since that first day you came out running ... I have NOT ONCE heard one excuse come out of your mouth.  You are incredible.

And Kathy!! RAN her first 3 ks too!!! Kathy, with her heavy heart and every reason to stay in bed ... came running!!!

And so did Paula.  Paula came running.  This was Paulas 4th week running.  Man she is on a journey.  I know this journey because I have been there.  A lot of weight to shift.  A mind that feels like it doesn't want the best for you.  

The daily battle for self.  

Here's how she is going...

Habit Setting . . . . .

Well, did I make a huge mistake when I asked my darling husband (yes just in case you are reading Darryl – I’m talking about you) to read my first contribution to Kaths running blog.  “Yep, sounds good” he said “but it’s all very well to talk about it you just need to make sure you keep doing it”.  Well duhh as if I don’t know that!!!!   

Easy for him to say when he has the metabolism of a windup toy and could not put an ounce of fat if he tried!!!!  All this from my wonderfully frank husband, the very same that when asked “honey does my bum look big in this” responded (in the nicest possible way) with “hell honey you have a big bum so what did you expect”.

You must agree though that when you start anything new it’s like, full steam ahead for the first little while and then any little excuse means that you wind up in front of the telly.  I am not going to do that this time, I am really not!!! So how the hell to keep motivated?  Best time for me to go to the gym is at 5:30 am in the morning, exercise for an hour and then home in time to shower, get the kids off to school, hang out some washing and off to work myself. Sounds great in theory but when that bloody alarm goes off at 5:00 am and its dark and windy and you feel like the only person up in the whole wide world. 

It is so much easier to reset the alarm for 7:00 am and snuggle back down for a couple of hours.  I do have to make a conscious effot to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable time the evening before or else I feel like melting down by the time I get home from work in the evening.   Mmmmm lots of things there to be changed aren’t there. 

Why is it that it’s so much easier to set up the bad habits and really difficult to put those good ones in place?  I have just turned and asked my friend this question and her answer was “that it is much more fun to sit on your backside and eat chocolate”, and while I agree, that tends to make the scales go in the wrong direction – thanks Louise for your insightful contribution, NOT!!

Anyway, after a couple of weeks away from the running group I am back there this Saturday morning and I am actually finding myself looking forward to it.  Not so much the sore legs and lungs that feel like they are going give up on me, but I’m looking forward to meeting with the other wonderfully likeminded ladies that are so much fun to chat with about everything and nothing. 

I remember talking to Nicky a few Saturdays ago and she said that it is really distracting to have someone to listen to, you tend to forget the things that are hurting and concentrate on what they are saying.  Poor (wonderfully persistent) Nicky, I think was running out of things to say to me but come hell hell or high water she stayed by my side and just kept belting out idle chit chat – and some questions, luckily they were the type of questions that only  required yes or no answers to which I only had to nod or shake my head – I was beyond talking!!!  Hell what do you expect, we were just reaching the end of a 2 minute stint – yep 2 whole minutes!!!

Hey guess what?  Remember my last contribution when I mentioned that I am at least 20 kgs heavier than the others,  well, as of today I am only 16.5 kgs heavier.  Yaaaay go me!!!!