Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pantry Doors wide open .... What Can I Eat?!?!?!

It's 4pm and I want to EAT EVERYTHING!

But ... my phone just bleeped...

"Don't Bail! "

That's what my phone bleeps at me every day at 9am and 4pm.

I've set a reminder to go off twice a day.

9am and 4pm ... my danger times.  I just want to eat.  And eat and eat and eat and eat.  I'll eat anything too.  Kids muesli bars.  Cheese on toast.  Biscuits.  And it's not that I'm hungry.  It's that I'm tired.  Over it.  Worn out.  Grumpy. Moody.  And for some mental reason, I think that food will make it all go away.
And you and I both know that food doesn't make it go away.  It makes it all worse.

So, I set that alarm to go off.  To remind myself ... I'm not hungry.  Eating for the sake of eating stuffs everything up.  It makes me angry at myself and makes me want to give up.

I read somewhere that comfort eating is essentially bailing on yourself.
Something about that makes so much sense to me and it really helps when I'm about to sabotage it all.


It feels incredible when you DON'T BAIL.

It feels hopeless and miserable when you do.