Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nicky - the only way I can get to the finish line

I met Nicky at the running group I started up.  I had been banging on about it on the The Breeze ... but it was SHEER coincidence that Nicky heard it.  She thought ... Why not? And turned up.

I can't remember how exactly ... or when ... but all of a sudden we were running together.

Our first run was the Start Me Up run last October.  7 ks.  That was a BIG distance for us.  We were 4k joggers.  So this was a big goal.  We did it.  We learned a really important lesson too ... START SLOOOOOOW.  We started really slow ... but we picked it up and crossed the finish line with plenty in the tank AND most importantly we actually enjoyed it.

So ... that got us keen to keep going.

I sent a text to Nicky one day ... "Lets do the Half Marathon in Feb".  "NO WAY" she text back.
She told me that she would be really keen to do the training with me ... but 21 ks was just too far.
Totally fair enough.  And anyway ... Nicky had a heap of duathlons lined up and they needed a fair bit of training for!

It was weird though ... I honestly believed, completely and without any doubt that I could do this Half Marathon.  I just assumed I could run 21ks.  I had never, ever in my life run more than 10ks BUT I had never, ever in my life just believed something to be this true.

So we printed out the training schedule  , wrote the running dates in our diary... and just did what they told us to do.

A few weeks in ... and Nicky says ... "I'm In! I've registered.  I'm doing it!".  So I registered that night ... and from that moment on there was no turning back.  We bloody ran that half marathon.  ALL THE WAY.  And bounded over that finish line at 2 hours, 13 minutes and 26 seconds.

Nicky is my rock.  She says she'll be there... and she is.  She has not once bailed on me.  NOT ONCE!  Can you believe that?  We ran together... every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for 13 weeks.  We didn't miss ONE run.  I'm writing this and I have this overwhelming feeling to cry.  Tears of pride?  Tears of gratefulness to Nicky?  Tears of relief that it's over?  I don't know.  But I do know this.  Nicky turned up.  For every, single run.

We never wanted to run either ... we were both exhausted from work, kids, stress, husbands, friends, money.  It seemed impossible that we would put on our shoes and show up for each other.  But we did.  And on those runs together, we talked from the moment we left the gate to the moment we got home.  And we talked about work, kids, stress, husbands, friends, money ... all of it.  It was incredibly healing to talk things out with Nicky.  This woman who I had only just met, but who instantly became so important, so vital, and so valuable.

I am so very blessed to have Nicky in my life.  Without Nicky I would simply never get across any finish line.

Find your Nicky.  And you'll cross hundreds of finish lines.