Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Kath, can you please call the Principal's Office..."

It's a rest day today.  No running. I love rest days.

I got a call from the Principal's Office this morning.
"Hi Kath, we've had an issue with Jesse.  Could you please call me when you can".
Heart Pounding.  Instant Sweat.  Hands Shaking.  Brain Not Working.  So much for the rest day.

He tells me that Jesse decided to leave school today and walk to Dad's work.  So he did ... with his mate Jakob.  Out the gate they went.  They got four blocks from school and realised it wasn't such a good idea.

The relief was incredible ... he's fine.  He's safe.

He'll know there'll be a "Kitchen Table" talk tonight.

My poor little man.  He would have hated sitting in the principals office.  It breaks my heart when they feel anything but happiness. Gotta get my "I'm not very happy with you" look on.

And then I'll hold him tight and tell him he is my precious, precious boy.