Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guilt, my old friend...

Aaah glorious rest day.  No guilt about not running!  Leaving more room for guilt about everything else.

I read an article this morning ... over half of kiwi mums are riddled with guilt.

That's me.

Guilt and or worry.

I don't know how to exist in any other way.

I wonder sometimes if I cling to guilt and worry as if it's my own personal insurance policy.

Like maybe if I stop the guilt and worry, then it will all crumble around me in a heap.

While I'm filled with guilt and worry ... I can hold it all together.

Sounds ridiculous now that I've written it down.

Anyway ...

It's an interesting read.

" Mums these days have many hats to wear; mother, worker, wife/partner, the list goes on.  There are so many pressures associated with melding all these tasks together and doing them well. Societal expectations also seem to create pressures for mothers to offer children all the options and again this can present challenges to achieve on a daily basis."

Here's the link.  "Kiwi Mums Feel Guilty"

Nicky is back next week!! And we begin our training for the 10k in June.  We want to run it under 55 minutes!!!

I need this.  I need those runs.  I need my talks with Nicky.  Have you found your Nicky yet?