Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dropped the kids off at their sports ... and thought ... I might just lie in the sun for a bit and doze off while they do their thing.

I'm pretty tired.  4am starts make me so lethargic and grumpy at 3pm.  It's my worst time of the day.  I'm a grumpy, tired, hungry, mess of a mum.

Nicky is away!!  That means I have to run by myself tonight!  I can't bare the idea of running by myself.  I wont go.  BUT ... then I remembered yesterday's blog.  All about no excuses ... blah blah blah.  So I have to go right?  Now that I'm blogging ... I have to go.

So I go.  Right then.  I don't wait till tonight.  I just go.  Kids are happy and safe.  I can squeeze in a 30 minute run right now.  Then when we all get home from sports we can all have dinner together and I can have a bath and go straight to bed.  The run will be behind me.

I managed 23 minutes.  About 4.5 ks.  That's pretty feeble.  But, really, better than nothing.

It was a stink run too.  My ipod ran out of batteries and my eczema was screaming with the sweat ... so all I was left with is skin that feels like it's burning and with no music, only the sound of my heart pumping and my breathing loud and strained.

But ... it's done.
GUS ... Devouring his chicken dinner!

I don't feel great and elated and proud of myself.  I feel tired and useless and clumsy and unfit.

Earlier today, between the kindy run and the school run I dashed home and shoved a chicken in the oven.  Right now I'm VERY happy with that... because I am so VERY hungry.

Wolf.  Gone.  The Bier family devours another roast chicken dinner.

Cracks me up ... the bones and bits and stock and skin left in the roasting pan ... as if wild wolves have actually been here.

Gotta go ... boys ready to get out of the bath and into pjs.  I love this time.  They're all snuggly wuggly and cute and squeaky clean and they get that wonderful second wind... they turn into perfect children.

But the thing I love MOST about this time ... it's almost all over.  I can see the peak of my day-mountain and the quiet of my bedroom that I have been yearning for all day ... is almost mine.

And the run is behind me.