Monday, 19 March 2012

Cabin Fever Anyone?

When a southerly hits Petone it HITS right?! Me and the boys have played petshops ... with Jesse choosing to be a monkey-wolf and Gus choosing to be a tiger. Which they fought over of course.  So we played Little People ... you know... with the castle and the dragons and the knights and the unicorns? They fought over that.  Of course.  So we did some baking.  Which they fought over.  So we played monopoly.  Well ... I got monopoly out and they fought over who gets the hat token ... so that was that.
What about the TV?? Oh that would be awesome to shove them in front of the TV.  BUT, their punishment for not going to bed when they were told last night was no TV today.
Never again.  It's actually punishment for me.
I'm over it.
And I ain't running in this rain.
I want to EAT.
Making my Lick the Bowl Laksa tonight.
What is it with winter?  I feel like dinner at 4pm???
Gotta go ... apparently the boys have no toys and are bored and their life sucks.
It's carnage ...